Well, technically, this is a blog.

Jeff Rose

I am me. There is also a she; Jaws. And a mini-me; Wee-Jaws. I'm old enough to still remember - and cherish - a world without internet as we know it today, when computers were only for the few, and you never knew who would pick up the phone. Reporting to you from The Netherlands, using a freaky hybrid machine. I'm into technology, philosophy, electronics in general, software, hardware, robotics, programming and even astronomy. Yes, i know, 'the geeky stuff'. I am purposely ignoring the fact that i just called my wife Jaws, and my daugther Wee-Jaws. (for obvious reasons, i might add)..

I’m officially a Python programmer now!

These are my first steps towards world domination, Mwuhahah

Jeff Rose

Well, if you are expecting my very first Python program to be a state-of-the-art, high tech piece of code..you’re wrong! It’s as simple as can be! But, i did, however, make it myself, woohoo! To be honest, it doesn’t do much. Just simply asks for input twice and print the results on the screen with a little bit of text added to it. I’m okey with that. These are my first steps towards world domination, Mwuhahah! Wait and see, just, wait and see.. Oh, btw, its written in Python 3, just saying!

Wet spoon media

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Jeff Rose

Never settling for the status quo or resting on the successes of today, we push our clients, our employees, and our industry to go to the edge of what is possible and exceed their own expectations. Wait. Hold up! I'm sorry, i have to be honest here. Wet Spoon Media is a hoax. It's a lie. It's fake news! There is no such thing as Wet Spoon Media. I've created this website myself and not some fancy webdesign agency. With the help of some random bits and pieces on the internet, i might add!